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Welcome to our site for small pet/bird boarding, are you going on holiday & need to know your smallest family member will be well cared for whilst you’re away. We want your pet to consider us a home from home and will work with you to ensure our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of your pet. Want to know how your pet is getting along, we're happy to provide messages or photos through various social media sites at no extra cost. If you want to check where your pet will be staying before you board with us that's not a problem, contact us to arrange for a pre-stay visit to discuss your pets needs, view our premises or just to meet us. We know your pet is part of your family and that you want to be sure they recieve the same care and affection as would be provided by you. Smaller pets such as Hamsters/Mice/Gerbil (in their own cage), Chipmunk or Degu and Birds are cared for in our home and for Rabbits/Guinea Pigs we offer lovely newly built spacious hutches. We provide daily cleaning, bedding (various including Hemp, shavings, fleece - acording to your pets needs), Hay, fresh water, food including dried grass/vegetables/fruit/treats given daily too.
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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding

per night

Chinchilla, Degu & Chipmunk
Chinchilla, Degu & Chipmunk

per night


small bird from £2.50, large bird = £3.50


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