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Howlin4yoou is a member with NarpsUK and we follow their code of practice. We have the experience and qualifications from Rural Skills UK which includes First Aid and the Healthcare certification. We provide everydog it's own App and after the walk notification is sent by email and text. This provides satellite mapping of the walk showing time and the miles with photos for your own memorabilia. We don't offer 30 mins walking service we provide the necessary time for every dog to achieve wellbeing and exercise. For happiness and staying healthy, showing you calm submissive energy. 

We have introduced the fixed fee policy, you pay for the walk and we provide you the additional extras for every dog we walk we offer for free 

1 Free Feeding 

2 Biodegradable Waste Bags 

3 Dog App 

4 Treats ( Low Calorie and wheat free )

5 Individual Wrap Towels 

6 Leads 

7 Cool Mat 

8 Fragrance Free Dog Wipes 

9 2 People 

1 Hour walks using GPS tracking and 2 People 

£20.00 per dog 

2 Dog's from the same household with the above £30.00

3 Dog's from the same household with the above £45.00

4 Dog's from the same household with the above £60.00

We do offer a discount rates for customers who need daily walking service and we can offer longer walk times if needed. 

After we have built up the friendship and trust of the dog ( s ) we do offer the pet sitting service. We believe this is necessary for both sides to enjoy the service offered. 

DBS Checked and with Pet Business Insurance 


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12 May 2021 - 12 May 2022


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10 The Piazza,Eastbourne Bn23 5tg

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